1 Windmill Lane

Built on the site of the iconic Windmill Lane recording studios where U2 recorded most of their material. Rockbrook AV were tasked with the design, installation and commissioning of a 4K cinema and surround sound system for 1 Windmill Lane.

Project Details

Our brief was to deliver a cost effective 4K cinema experience in the open area of the 1WML building. Our engineering team delivered a 30,000 lumen 4K cinema experience on a fraction of the cost of a commercial cinema. To achieve this we used multiple lower cost projectors and stacked them to provide an image overlap. This tripled the brightness of the system and delivered a 4K 30,000 lumen solution for less than 20% of the cost of a single unit. An automatic camera calibration system was utilised to quickly overlap the images to the exact pixel and the system features a 5.2 surround system 11,000 watt sound system.

As the venue is normally a corporate space the new system was integrated into the existing Crestron control system to provide flexibility between corporate presentations and use as an event space.


1 Windmill Lane, Dublin Docklands, Ireland

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