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Rockbrook Group helped Céide Fields tell the story of how people lived thousands of years ago, with an immersive experience powered by 18x Epson 3LCD laser projectors.


Ceide Fields, Ireland.

Project Details

The immersive installation required projectors that could be hidden from view while avoiding obstructions to the content. Epson’s projectors were selected thanks to their wide range of lenses, in particular, the ELPLX01S ultra-short throw lenses provided the perfect solution to the customer’s requirements. The ultra-short throw lenses allow visitors to be close to the image without creating shadow and keep the image in focus within the curved 360-degree environment. As this venue is open 7 days per week and 10-12 hours per day, a highly reliable and low maintenance projection solution was a vital point. The compact product design as well as the uniform and vibrant colors from Epson’s 3LCD technology were other deciding factors.

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