Conference center dublin


Rockbrook AV were tasked with the design, installation and commissioning of a 4K cinema and surround sound system.


Rockbrook AV received a coveted highly commended award in the InAVate finals after the delivery of this museum. Regarded by the client at the time as one of the most interactive visitor centers in the world. The biggest challenge in this project was audio spill and echo due to the fact that exhibits were in underground vaults all adjacent to each other. Management of this was achieved through software by sequencing and synchronizing vocal elements to ensure they never overlapped and by the installation of point source speakers and acoustic absorption material.

The installation contains over 130 displays, 35 projectors and multiple high technology camera controlled exhibits and displays. To ensure groups can interact together a clever quiz game was deigned which encouraged visitors to answer multiple choice questions by standing in floor projected areas. Infra red cameras then counted the number of visitors in each section to display the result. Projection mapped story books operated via hand gestures, object recognition displays and live twitter media feeds coupled with over 58 other touch screen displays form the technical backbone.

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