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Biggin Hill Memorial Museum

Biggin Hill Memorial Museum tells the story of RAF Biggin Hill through the personal experiences of those who served there. Rockbrook were tasked with the supply and installation of interactive exhibits, audiovisual systems design and installation.

Project Details

At this remarkable visitor center tells the story of Britain’s most famous fighter station during the second world war charged. The RAF base charged with the protection of London and south East Britain from Luftwaffe bombers during the battle of Britain. Famously described by Winston Churchill as “The Strongest Link” the visitor center serves as a memorial a center of remembrance for for all that served there.

The Rockbrook team designed and installed the AV systems which assist in the storytelling of those who risked their lives in the air and the many more who assisted through ground operations. There is a mixture of physical interactives and artifacts on display, many from the very early years of operation. A central circular projected touch table acts as a centerpiece for diving into the history of the base, supported by a backdrop of video footage. The scramble exhibit depicts the many anxious hours pilots spent waiting to be “scrambled”. Once the siren goes off pilots are airborne within 4 minutes. Dramatic achieved footage of air-to-air combat follows supported by a capable audio system to bring the experience close to the visitor. Completed on time and within budget our team delivered an AV experience worthy of the story being told.


Biggin Hill Memorial Museum, Main Road, Kent TN16 3EJ

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