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Formed in 2003 by a group of young engineers with a passion for audio visual technology and its integration into real world applications. We use advanced technology to tell stories, and deliver exciting visitor experiences, each one unique. We bring simplicity of use and extensive integration together to make teams work more efficiently and work processes smarter. Its ironic that our love of science and technology is only overshadowed by our desire to make it disappear. We believe technology should be invisible, allowing its application to come to the fore. Technology only becomes invisible when engineered for ease of use and robustness. This is the underpinning foundation of everything we do.

As a team of professionals and enthusiasts, we are constantly looking at next generation technology to better advise and prepare you for tomorrow, today. Our support offering, previously audited and deemed to have achieved world class performance in service delivery will support you round the clock or just for the hours you need, you choose.

Reach out to us when you are considering an audio visual project, an idea or even something you think possibly cant be done, and let our team become part of your vision from conception to delivery and beyond.


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