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Guinness Storehouse | ingredients


The exhibition is dedicated to bringing to life the 4 simple ingredients of Guinness through the world of magical installations, each with its own personality, experience, and story to tell.


Guinness Storehouse, Dublin.

Project Details

The newly opened Ingredients floor at the Guinness Storehouse showcases advanced audiovisual technology, offering a cutting-edge experience for visitors and clients. Central to the installation is a large Samsung LED video wall, engineered for high-definition clarity and vibrant color accuracy. This wall displays dynamic content, including high-resolution visuals of the brewing process and interactive digital storytelling. Technicians will appreciate the seamless integration of this LED wall, providing an adaptable platform for both live presentations and automated displays.

Additionally, the floor features a sophisticated barrel projection system utilizing advanced projection mapping technology for dynamic visuals on curved surfaces. Overhead, a round ceiling composed of LED panels offers programmable lighting effects to simulate different brewing environments. A waterfall feature employs precise water flow control and digital imaging technology to create text and images out of falling water, adding a unique kinetic element. These cutting-edge audiovisual components make the Ingredients floor a premier example of modern exhibit design and multimedia integration.

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