The Curragh Racecourse


Rockbrook AV were tasked with the design, installation and commissioning of all digital signage and networks for the newly redeveloped Curragh Racecourse.


The Curragh Racecourse, Newbridge, Co. Kildare, Ireland


The spiritual home and premier facility of Irish flat racing boasts a brand new multi-million euro stadium redevelopment incorporating 5 star corporate facilities and state of the art audio visual systems. With over 220 displays and 20 suites an ultra low latency network based streaming system was installed based on the JP2000 standard. The system is also configured to take inputs from 30 HD/ 4K video sources from HDMI satellite decoders to SDI inputs from local outside broadcast units. One of the key components of this system was to ensure exceptionally low latency for both video and audio. Our engineers participated in the network design to ensure the network configuration supported the required network bandwidth.

All of the audio distribution in the building is also distributed using the AES67 standard with some DANTE audio also utilised. 64 channels of redundant network based DSP were employed for audio processing. In order to give the client as much flexibility in relation to the building usage a snapshot configuration system which enables the client to set the building up as desired and save it as a snapshot was developed, thus providing a means of instant recall. There is also a means to individually route any source to any display with ease. Dynamic naming of SKY box channels is also supported providing completely centralized control and support. Encrypted presentation points were enabled for network streaming of presentation content for security. 

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