Smithwick's experience brewing tour


Rockbrook AV were tasked with the design, installation and commissioning of all audio visual and lighting components as well as the mechanical exhibit design for the revamped Smithwick’s Brewery.


The Smithwick’s Experience , 44 Parliament Street, Kilkenny, Co Kilkenny, Ireland

Project Details

What makes this visitor center unique is that it has blended the perfect mix of a host guided tour with a lot of technology to enhance the story, both elements seamlessly integrating. The tour starts of in the anticipation room where a high resolution projection, dramatic and soundscape set the scene to come. The media signals visitor to move along and lights fade up gradually and the doors automatically open triggering the next rooms AV to start. This approach follows throughout. 

In room two Rockbrook designed and built a ”Peppers Ghost” illusion which narrates an evocative companion projection. The peppers ghost design was the biggest challenge of the project as the roof space was so low and visitors were permitted right up to the boundary. To ensure this was going to work we modelled and simulated the entire room in Autodesk 3D Max during the design process examining sight lines, reflections and the end result is stunning. As you move further through the exhibit you enter the wonderful talking portraits room where stories are told between the characters using synchronized media players. Once again automated doors and scent machines enhance the delivery of the story and add a sense of magic. The remainder of the tour is self guided with lots of clever audio visual exhibits including a laser vault which protects the yeast to a giant gas mask and a brewing area which shows simulated content of what happens within the vessels. 

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